MAG. MSC. ZSOFIA KOVACS Psychologie, Psychotherapie, Psychoanalyse
MAG. MSC. ZSOFIA KOVACS                                Psychologie, Psychotherapie, Psychoanalyse

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Mag. Msc. Zsofia Kovacs

  • Klinische Psychologin
  • Neuropsychologin
  • Wahlpsychologin
  • Psychotherapeutin für Erwachsene und Kinder (WPV)


Ramperstorffergasse 8-12/1/25
1050 Wien



Rufen Sie einfach an +43 (0)6505682279 oder schreiben Sie mir ein Email:



Dear English-speaking clients,

Welcome to my homepage! I am a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist and psychoanalyst working with children as well as with adults. I grew up in Budapest and Vienna, studied in Vienna  and Great Britain. I received my psychoanalytic training in the Viennese Psychoanalytic Society. My psychoanalytic orientation could be called "rebellious" Freudian with a touch of Hungarian nostalgia - reaching back to the roots of working with the Unconscious - to hypnosis. I was always interested in the interplay of unconsious and conscious processes, both theoretically and clinically.


From the very beginning I decided to work clinically as much as I can - in order to gather experience and to avoid prejudging individuals - I refuse all forms of normopathy and simplifying categories in psychiatry and neurology.


I work in the Kaiser Franz Josef Spital, Vienna on an acute neurorehabilitation ward for children. Here I learned that psychoanalytic work is lifesaving - emotion, cognition and the body are intertwined in a way that can be understood.


Understanding my patients, their feelings, wishes and inner conflicts is my main goal. Recovering inner freedom, enjoying love, life and work - the main goals of therapy.


In a 50 minute session I offer you time and space for remembering, feeling and thinking. 

"I am still struck by the spectacular beauty of the (pre)verbal world - of a feeling perhaps, the feeling of completeness." (Peter Nadas, 2017)


In private practice I work with adults as well as with children and adolescents - I offer psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis and (neuro)psychological assessment. The Krankenkassa (health insurance) refunds part of the costs. Please don't hesitate to contact me via phone or email: +436505682279,

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